Soil Studies

Soil Studies

Many County Health Departments require a Soil Study before a building permit can be obtained for a site requiring a septic system. A Soil Study determines the types of soil present on the site and whether the site can support the desired structure’s septic system. Borings are dug to 72″ or top of bedrock, whichever is shorter, and the soil classified based on several factors. We then prepare a Soil Report (Sample Report) including a site diagram that can be submitted to the County Health Department for approval.

There are different levels of Soil Studies that determine the number of borings required:

Level 1 Soil Study

Requires minimum of 1 boring per acre. Usually used to determine very general soil patterns of large land tracts.

Level 3 Soil Study

Requires minimum of 4 borings per acre. Usually the minimum soil study required by Health Departments for site approval.

Level 4 Soil Study

Technically, anything over a Level 3 Soil Study. Implies that there are no unknown soil types present on the site.

*Soil Studies are sometimes done in conjuction with Perc Tests or Hydraulic Conductivity Tests to help determine permeability of soil.